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Top web designs of 2016 to know

Web design keeps evolving each day and 2016 has been a great year for the web design community. This well-researched piece will inform you of the trends that have already manifested themselves in 2016 and will also cover some of the expected trends are anticipated to be in effect in 2017. So, what are the top web design trends in 2016?  Here are some thoughts from that you should consider.

Material design

Material design is Google's effort to bring back the depth and the character of web design that was lost during the transition period from stream web design to flat design. Despite the fact that material web design does not use the patterns and textures that stream web design did, it does add the concept of layers which ultimately adds depth. Most web designers are now utilizing material design to add depth to the sites that they create. Even most apps are now making use of material design. Pundits in web design know that material design will be very crucial on the web. A lot of websites have recently switched off to flat design. That is because of the fact that it will be totally useless for a business enterprise, for example, to shift from material design to flat design when the two are almost similar. It would be a total waste of resources. There is future speculation that material design will become bigger and bigger in the future. Some of the websites that use material design are Google's event site(io), inbox by Google, Whatsapp web and many others. It is a really cool thing in the web design community.

Full-width images

Research by web design pundits has shown that whenever you take small pictures and replace them with something bold and big, people stop and take a look at them. From the business perspective, this way of web design has led to more conversion rates and most clients are now demanding this feature. That is the reason why you see big images of smiling people on the home page of many websites. Some of this may even include videos.

Split screen layouts

This trend is again based on the business perspective with the major aim of boosting conversions. This method has been found effective in driving people to the right funnel where they will ultimately convert.

Web design keeps evolving each and every single day and more and more trends will be seen in the year 2017. The material design will feature in many designs even in 2017.